Sewer Billing
Those homes with sewers are served by either the Town of Paradise Valley or the City of Phoenix, depending upon location. Homes not located on a sewer line are served by individual septic systems.

Homeowners must call their sewer service provider to report changes in home ownership.

Contact Information
For questions regarding a Town of Paradise Valley sewer bill, or to report changes in home ownership, please call (480) 348-3518.

To resolve maintenance issues (such as pests, odors, etc.) for a particular sewer system, please contact one of the following service providers:

  • City of Phoenix (602) 262-6691
  • Town of Paradise Valley (480) 348-3528
Sewer Obstructions
To report sewer obstructions, please call the appropriate number:

  • (480) 348-3528 weekdays Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • (480) 348-3509 weekday evenings and weekends